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Explore Savor Celebrate



Explore Savor Celebrate



In 1965, my parents, Mary and Vincent Price, published a cookbook that would go on to become one of the most famous cookbooks and culinary touchstones of the 20th century. It sold over 350,000 copies, and when it went out of print, it consistently ranked in the top ten most popular out-of-print books across all genres. In 2015, the Vincent Price Family Legacy and Calla Press of Dover Publications released the 50th Anniversary Edition of A Treasury of Great Recipes, preserving the classic cover and interior, but adding a new preface and introduction by Wolfgang Puck and by me. In support of this new edition, I traveled around the world promoting the book and its glorious recipes -- not only for food, but for living an extraordinary life.

I distilled the essence of my parents' philosophy for living -- expressed so beautifully not only in their own lives, but between the covers of their iconic cookbook -- down to three words: EXPLORE, SAVOR, CELEBRATE!!

Let me explain:

EXPLORE:  My parents felt immense gratitude for the extraordinary lives they had been given. They were true explorers and adventurers. . .perhaps not in the sense of climbing a 28,000 foot peak or floating down a jungle river, but in their open-hearted and minded approach to their lives! They understood that to really understand and experience another culture, you must explore it deeply -- through its people, its history, its culture, and its cuisine. They did this wherever they traveled, and it enriched their lives by allowing them to connect with people and places around the world. 

SAVOR: To savor means to taste something deeply and fully, to give oneself completely over to the enjoyment of something. To savor is to invite JOY! When we allow ourselves to have an omnivorous appetite for life, we experience JOY! This is the aspect of my parent's philosophy, which I savor most deeply in my own life. It invites us to take the time and the space to connect with our own hearts and those of others in a way that connects us to what is most meaningful.

CELEBRATE: To celebrate is to share our joy-filled experiences with others in ways that continues to allow us to expand our lives by connecting with others. It is at one the culmination of our explorations and savoring, and the continuation of it as those experiences in turn inspire others to do the same.

These three essential ingredients are the fundamental recipes for living a connected adventurous thoughtful life in the world!

Living this legacy of EXPLORE SAVOR CELEBRATE forward has radically changed my own life. I have invited in so many new experiences, made so many new friends, and connected with my own heart as well as the heart of the world in profound ways. Which is why I have created an extraordinary new collaboration with Peter Fuller to share this exciting way of living with others -- through events, workshops, webinars, and travel experiences -- around the world.

To learn more about this philosophy of living and how you can experience it in your own life, please click on any of the tabs above to find out more about how to EXPLORE SAVOR CELEBRATE your own life!

Join me on this wonderful adventure of living a joy-filled connected open-minded heart-based life!


Victoria Price

Spring 2017